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User friendly, intuitive tools ensure you are  always in touch with your payment processing


The emexpay gateway is connected to numerous acquirers located in strategic countries across the world. This enables merchants using our platform to quickly gain access to and apply for merchant services with multiple acquirers.

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Attract more customers and allow your existing customers to pay with an electronic e-money vouchers. Our unique voucher generation software links direct from your payment page and allows customers to redeem them on your site

Risk & Fraud Management

Country and IP check

Velocity Checks


Address and credit check

3-D Secure protocol


emexpay can help highlight possible potential risk and allow you to benefit from our years of experience and create the correct fraud prevention tools for your payment acceptance. Our tools allow you to tackle all of the major risks.


The emexpay payment gateway is a server-based software providing secure and user friendly payment processing tools for online merchants...

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